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Green Australian Reflective Insulation Manufacturing

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Green Insulation™ Quality Australian fibre-free reflective aluminium foil manufacturing for comfort and protection against our harsh Australian climate.

We welcome your enquiry Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm - 1300 308 165

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Welcome to Green Insulation™, a wholly Australian owned, Australian manufacturer of premium quality reflective aluminium foil insulation products.

Green Insulation™ commenced manufacture of their innovative fibre-free Reflecta-Range™ of reflective insulation in January, 2011. Taking advantage from “hands on” our insulation manufacturing process, Green Insulation™ has combined exhaustive research, pioneering product innovation and cutting edge technology to deliver a range of reflective aluminium foil bubble and foam insulation products that are specifically designed and suited to offer comfort and protection from our harsh Australian climate.

Within this site, Green Insulation™ offer you a unique mix of patented fibre-free reflective insulation products, applications and treatments that “raise the bar” in terms of pure insulation R-Value comparative performance, product longevity, simplicity of application/installation, economy and unmatched value. Our Reflecta-Range™  can deliver unprecedented insulation R-values of up to R7.1 in commercial buildings using CRIS™. Our patented Reflecta-Coat™ guarantees our product's integrity for 15 years, and lasts a lifetime. Easy-Spek™ makes choosing the right reflective insulation easy. Just 3 clicks and you have downloaded everything you need to specify the Green Insulation™ that is exactly right for your needs. It is that easy!

Green Insulation’s™ decision to invest into reflective aluminium foil insulation manufacturing is proving to be a positive decision in terms of preserving Australian jobs, intellectual property, and of course, the Australian environment. Please, take a moment to discover just how good Australian reflective foil insulation design, innovation and manufacturing can be.

Please contact Green Insulation™ for advice, support, free engineer service, and the best Australian manufactured reflective aluminium foil insulation products available today. We look forward to being of service.

Call us Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm - 1300 308 165

Need to find your nearest stockist of our fibre-free products? Please call or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for personal service that can't be beaten!


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HOME-15 yr G CRIS white bkgnd

 Save up to $10/m2 on Insulation !

Up to R7.1 in Commercial Buildings !

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CRIS™ Reflective (Bubble & Foam) Foil Insulation System  .  .  .

                                                                                                              .  .  .  $ $ Save up to $10/m2 Building Insulation Costs!

A patented new reflective insulation application system which will revolutionise the way aluminium foil insulation is installed in Australia and provide unprecedented insulation R-values of up to R7.1 in commercial buildings. Talk to our engineer about the exciting new performance possibilities from reflective aluminium foil insulation. Save up to $10/m2 Building Insulation Costs!!

HOME-15 yr G Reflecta-Cell whtie bkgnd  Builder's Favourite Choice ! Reflecta-Cell BLACK cropped
Reflecta-Cell® Bubble Foil Insulation (30m2 Roll)

The builders’ favourite choice, a true All-Rounder reflective aluminium foil bubble insulation that offers high R-Value insulation performance combined with being light and easy to use. Reflecta-Cell is also a proven Acoustic Insulation, offering fantastic value for this high performance Australian manufactured product. 

HOME-15 yr G Reflecta-Guard white bkgnd  Premium + Acoustic + Thermal Break! Reflecta-Guard BLACK cropped
Reflecta-Guard™ Reflective Bubble Foil Insulation (30m2 roll)

Our premium Australian manufactured reflective aluminium foil bubble insulation, providing the highest insulation R-values amongst the Green Insulation® product range. Compliant to use as a Thermal Break, Reflecta-Guard™ is also a proven premium performance Acoustic Insulation as well.

HOME-15 yr G Reflecta-Break white bkgnd  Premium foam Core Insulation ! Reflecta-Break BLACK cropped
Reflecta-Break™ Reflective Foam Core Insulation (30m2 roll)

Popular Thermal Break for steel frame and metal on metal construction. A very high R-Value performance reflective aluminium foil foam core insulation with Reflecta-Coat™ patented protection that allows wet weather installation whilst maintaining the 15 year guarantee. Reflective foam core insulation of the highest quality available anywhere!

HOME-15 yr G Reflecta-Shed white bkgnd  You can really SAVE here ! Reflecta-Shed BLACK cropped
Reflecta-Shed™ Reflective Bubble Foil Insulation (45m2 roll) - Very Economical !

This high performance, yet economical product is Ideally Suited as a Shed Insulation and for other applications that do not require compliance to the Building Council of Australia specifications. $$$ Huge Insulation Savings here $$$. Performance you expect from premium quality reflective aluminium foil bubble insulation at our lowest possible price.


Aesthetically pleasing !

High performance !


Reflecta-White™ Ice White Finish perfect for exposed indoor and outdoor use!

This single sided reflective aluminium foil insulation is perfect for sporting clubs and large areas with exposed roof. The white exposed "bubble" of the insulation reduces your lighting requirements substantially. Large venues can be expensive to light up for long hours. The energy savings here are huge.



4mm Foam Core with 150mm over-lap!

 New Size: 22.25M x 1350mm (+150mm flap) 


Reflecta-Foam™ Brand New Economical 4mm Foam Insulation "easy to install"!

This lightweight reflective aluminium foil foam core isulation features a 150mm overlap flap offering exceptional value for money. You get 30m2 of foam core insulation (22.25M x 1350mm) plus you get the 150mm overlap for the full length of the roll (22.25m x 150mm). Light, versatile and installation is a breeze. 

HOME-15 yr G GDI white bkgnd

 Stop heat transfer through

 your Garage !

gdi BLACK cropped
Reflecta-GDI™  Panel Garage Door Insulation (Single & Double Garage Door Insulation)

A real breakthrough in reducing radiant and thermal heat coming in through your garage. Made from Reflecta-Guard™, our premium performance reflective aluminium foil bubble insulation that is ALSO an excellent Accoustic Insulation! Radiant, thermal and noise insulation protection for your garage that benefits your entire home stopping passage through your garage.

HOME-15 yr G HandyPack white bkgnd  Handy Insulation Solutions Handy Pack BLACK cropped
HandyPacks™  DIY 8M x 1500mm roll for home and handy insulation installation

Made from our builders favourite choice of reflective aluminium foil bubble insulation, Reflecta-Cell, is an insulation product no handy man should ever be without. Ideal for all DIY projects, Camping, Caravan's, Fishing and Dog Kennels. Create your own reflective insulation innovation. Excellent acoustic insulation properties also.



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