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Why specify Green's Reflective Bubble Foil Insulation?

Give your clients a real advantage. Top 10!

1.  Able to be bought MUCH cheaper than competitive products!

Green Insulation prices are cheaper, yet our quality is the highest!

2.  Health and Safety!

No harmful fibres, no toxic substances, no goggles or masks, no special clothing, non-slip, anti-glare.

3.  Custom Length Rolls $ave!

Reduce waste and labour by ordering/specifying EXACTLY what you need.

4.  1500mm Wide = Reduced waste!

Wider rolls means less overlaps which in turn means less product required for the same area

5.  Acoustic Insulation No Charge!

Both Reflecta-Cell and Reflecta-Guard come with exceptional proven acoustic insulation performance.

6.  Unbeatable Protection from our Patented Coating.

For performance that lasts like no other insulation. Perfect for high condensation areas, even put up in the wet.

7.  Australian Made! Australian Owned!!

Reflect-Shed, Reflecta-Cell and Reflecta-Guard are made at the Meadowbrook, Queensland plant.

8.  Better Quality!

Double scrim, tougher, stronger and much harder to damage the product during installation than any other insulation product.

9.  A Fall Arrest!

Both Reflecta-Cell and Reflecta-Guard are rated to use as a fall arrest for added savings or Green Star targets.

10.  Custom Print on our rolls!

Got something BIG in mind? This FREE addition can WIN you that next job.



GreenTag® – The research is done for you!

A GreenTag® Certification assists in making the work for an architect or specifier much easier.


The GreenTag®logo signifies that someone else has done all the research, analysis and reviewing of the standards for you. GreenTag® rated products receive a Product Eco-Scorecard which at a glance informs the rate or score that a product has achieved. This makes it easier for you, the decision maker, to compare or assess products based on a selection of the greenest products in the market. GreenTag® is your Trusted Brand for products that have low greenhouse gases, health or toxicity issues. Your next GreenStar™ building is now easier than ever before!

Simply – GreenTag® acts as a symbol of trust, so any company associated with GreenTag® is an accredited product and a Trusted Brand.

Need Help?

Are you having some difficulty? Or perhaps you would prefer to talk to someone? Please, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Free Engineer service to assist in all insulation technical and specification issues please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please phone (07) 3200 6522 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. We can assist you with:

  • Product samples;
  • Marketing maerials
  • A choice of stockists/suppliers near you;
  • Advice, straight to the point;
  • Account enquires and more.

Green Insulation have stockists that cover their full range of reflective aluminium products in every corner of Australia. You can specify our residential insualtion products with confidence knowing that supply is fast and very cost-efficient right across Australia. We have worked hard to bring home and building insulation prices to affordable levels. Why not experience the Australian insulation choice?


Specifying? Please use Easy-Spek!

Check out the recommended specification inclusions that accompany each full product description on this site.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Reflecta-Range™ of high performance, environmentally responsible insulation, will work with your project and perform superbly in almost any climate conditions.

These products are widely recognised by architects and building professionals in providing long lasting comfort, safety and energy savings. We appreciate that you recommend and specify the best performing materials and products to your clients. Green Insulation® is widely recognised for its product leadership and is constantly involved in researching and developing new innovative technologies to complement the existing product range.

Each BCA compliant Australian manufactured Green Insulation® product has high performance thermal and acoustic ratings, providing you and your clients with:

  • environmental benefits (material and energy savings in all stages of the manufacture and on-going lifecycle costs of the building)
  • easy to use, safe materials,
  • easy installation,
  • interior comfort,
  • flexibility for multiple applications, and
  • significant noise reduction capabilities

The Green Insulation® R-values are amongst the highest in the industry. Unlike some insulation products, moisture, humidity or compression will not decrease the R-values of the Reflecta-Range™ of products.

Green Insulation® reduces building heating and cooling energy usage by reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat. By reflecting radiant heat rather than absorbing it, Green Insulation® results in substantial energy savings in warm climates. In cooler climates, it achieves reductions in indoor heat losses through the ceiling, walls or floors.


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