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Shed | Garage Insulation

The perfect Insulation for Sheds and Garages

For almost a decade our aluminium reflective foil insulation has been a favourite of shed and garage builders. It can easily be installed in roofs and walls and is ideal for commercial and recreational applications.

Green Insulation™ is strong and easy to install, with a choice of four products to suit your specific insulation needs, for use with timber or steel. We have the most suitable thermal and acoustic insulation for you!

All Green Insulation™ products are a user-friendly, flexible, pliable building material that is/can be used for all types of commercial or residential sheds and garages. Green Insulation™ is water resistant, will not shrink or sag and is fibre and itch free.

Unlike some foil insulation products, moisture, humidity or compression will not decrease the R-values of the Reflecta-Range™ of products. They keep working well in both winter and summer.

Here are just a few examples of the practical benefits of using Green Insulation™ in your new shed:

  • Primary Production - with animal farms (piggeries, chicken farms etc) where gases can effect unprotected surfaces of other aluminium insulation products.
  • Storage – Extremes of heat and cold can be a major concern, with Green Insulation™, thermal performance is assured and storage standards can be maintained.
  • Manufacturing - Noise and acoustic pollution can be dramatically reduced both internally and externally.
  • Production Premises - Where chemical fumes can corrode unprotected insulation, Green Insulation™ products unique anti-corrosive coating offers another option.
  • Wineries – Maintaining an even temperature range is critical to the production and storage of wine and liquor.
  • Marine facilities and storage - Green Insulation™ is uniquely suitable in protecting facilities in sea side locations where salt-fog can be an issue causing corrosion

Each layer of our aluminium is extra thick. This ensures you don't experience "pin-holing" that can also deteriorate your reflective insulation over time; you’re getting insulation to last.

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