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Shed insulation competitive pricing is a result of very clever manufacturing efficiencies at Green Insulation.

Why is shed insulation so inexpensive?

Is shed insulation as good as building insulation?

Are all shed insulations the same?

We take a hard look at shed insulation, and how you can best use the changing dynamics of the shed insulation marketplace to profit$$$$$$.

Sales of shed insulation are booming, but not all shed insulations are created equal. At Green Insulation, we've created new manufacturing scenarios that have allowed us to produce premium quality reflective aluminium foil shed insulation at a fraction of the cost we ever thought possible. More than that, the manufacture of our Reflecta-Shed insulation also creates savings in our manufacturing costs of our other reflective aluminium foil insulation products.

In August, 2011, the new Reflecta-Shed insulation from Green Insulation was released onto the market. The pricing was well below existing pricing, and Reflecta-Shed insulation took off! But rather than be an example of unsustainable discounting into a depressed market, Reflecta-Shed insulation represented an investment into driving manufacturing efficiency, reducing waste, reducing transport costs, whilst at the same time increasing insulation performance.

How this is achieved is due to the centre core of air cells or bubbles within Reflecta-Shed insulation. In order for our reflective aluminium foil insulation to be compliant to BCA requirements, this centre core MUST be very heavily dosed with fire retardant. It is expensive, it clogs the machinery, and it creates enormous maintenance problems. Reflecta-Shed insulation eliminates much of the expense of using the fire retardant in our BCA compliant products. Reflecta-Shed insulation is for use in sheds that are not needing to be compliant to BCA requirements. Therefore:

  • Reflecta-Shed insulation does not require the huge cost impost of fire retardant. It still does contain fire retardant within the outside coating though;
  • Reflecta-Shed insulation forms a more defined bubble or air cell in a smaller (thinner) product, thus achieving high performance in reducing conductive heat. Performance that would normally be expected in much thicker products;
  • Manufacturing Reflecta-Shed insulation actually "purges" the machinery. This means substantially less time spent on maintenance, and also wasted polyethylene having to be run through to clean out the "works";
  • Because exceptional high performance can be achieved in a thinner product, Reflecta-Shed insulation roll size is much larger . . . 45m2 Vs. 30m2. This means huge transport savings! Basically, we can transport 45m2 of shed insulation for the same as it costs to transport 30m2 of BCA compliant insulation.

This is why the pricing of Reflecta-Shed insulation is well down on expectations for such a high quality insulation product. It still uses all the quality manufacturing and inputs of Green Insulation's BCA compliant insulation products, but actually boasts higher performance in a thinner product that is only possible though removal of the fire retardant in the core. So, with Reflecta-Shed insulation, you get quality and price!

So now let's take a look at the wider impact on the shed insulation marketplace. In order to compete, our competitors have had no other solution but to offer cheaper alternatives of their own. However, without the benefit of having huge efficiencies and reduced costs in manufacturing driving the reduction in price, their only solutions seem to revolve around offering crap! Ouch! "Crap" is a harsh word. "Crap" reflective shed insulation is saturating our marketplace, and you could even argue that "it is all Green Insulation's fault"!! Ha!

Seriously though, there is a lot of crap shed insulation out there, and it is to your advantage to know what the differences are. Here are just a few of the differences that we believe make compelling reasons to always specify Reflecta-Shed insulation for your shed project:

  • Insulation is visible inside the shed. It is very important that it keep it's shape, and always maintain excellent appearance. Reflecta-Shed insulation has the same excellent aluminium foil, protective coating, strong scrim and 15 year warranty of the much more expensive BCA compliant insulation products;
  • Never allow fibreglass insulation products to be exposed within your shed. They deteriorate, and also cause considerable health problems;
  • Reflecta-Shed insulation is Australian made, and you are supporting a great Australian owned and operated business;
  • By using Reflecta-Shed insulation, you are supporting a product that is not only "green", but helps our other foil insulation products to be "greener";
  • Reflecta-Shed insulation means less trucks on our roads;
  • Reflecta-Shed insulation will be working just as hard and just as reliably in 50 years time. No other company's insulation can claim that.

 A final note on shed insulation.

Before writing this article, I needed some inspiration. Believe it or not, maintaining passion about insulation, and specifically about shed insulation, every single working day is not easy. However, in this particular story, my passion came very quickly. It really was simple. All I did was I lined up samples of all the alternative shed insulation products that adorn the marketplace. Most were cheap imported rubbish not fit to cross our shores. Other shed insulation was just very cheaply manufactured to a point that I seriously doubt it has any hope of being there for the life of the shed. Your average bloke who bulds a new backyard shed is extremely proud of his new acquisition. Green Insulation's reflective aluminium foil shed insulation Reflecta-Shed is not only the best choice for this proud individual, it is the best choice for the environment and the best choice for Australia. NO BULL!

Don't compromise what should be important to you. Always, insist on Reflecta-Shed insulation, the insulation made in Australia, by Australians, and for Australians.

Please note! Reflecta-Shed insulation is NOT BCA compliant for use in residential or commercial construction. Also, some local councils in high risk fire areas also specify that your humble back yard shed must use shed insulation that contains the fire retardants within the inner core. You should always check with your local council to ensure you are choosing the right shed insulation. If in doubt, please contact Green Insulation for the very best shed insulaltion advice available.


Roof insulation proves to be a great strength for Green Insulation

Builders profit from Green Insulation's roof insulation advantages.

"The sales of roof building insulation are growing very strongly despite the economic conditions" says Rod Stead, Sales Manager, Green Insulation. "The building industry is trimming costs wherever possible, and Green roof insulation offers enormous advantages and cost savings".

There is no mystery to the growth of sales for Green Insulation, it is our ability to listen to our clients/customers, and respond to their needs. Roof insulation is the perfect example of innovation that responds to the needs of the building industry. Here are just a few examples of how we've innovated roof insulation:

  • Putting up roof insulation without fear of the weather is proving to be a big PLUS for builders in the tropical north of Australia. The patented coating on all Green Insulation roof products guarantees against oxidisation and corrosion, so if it happens to rain and your insulation gets exposed - no problem - your warranty stands. This unique roof insulation characteristic belongs exclusively to Green Insulation;
  • The acoustic qualities of Reflecta-Guard roof insulation are proving to be a huge selling point in the north as well. Thumping rain on your roof is impossible to deal with in business or at home. Reflecta-Guard roof insulation has been designed with the purpose of reducing noise from rain, road and aircraft. Builders in the north know that home and business owners appreciate the acoustic benefits of our premium roof rain, and they have come to expect this quality in all construction now;
  • Still on the north of Australia, Reflecta-Guard achieves a 2.7 R Value in the roof ideally rated for the region, it is also rated as a thermal break roof insulation, and it comes with a double scrim for maximum strength and extra heavy duty strength;
  • Reflecta-Break roof insulation is not only a thermal break, it is also the roof insulation of choice to be freighted in bulk containers into remote regions across Australia;
  • Custom length rolls of roof insulation are proving to offer enormous savings to the minining industry. Cost of construction and transport can be enormous. The custom length rolls offered with Green roof insulation substantially reduce labour and waste.

Next time you consider insulation for your roof, why not consider the great roof insulation solutions available from Green Insulation.







How to specify reflective foil insulation.

Great news for architects, engineers, specifiers and builders/trade who use and need to specify reflective aluminium bubble foil insulation. Green Insulation have developed "Easy-Spek", the best tool around for specifying reflective foil insulation from Green Insulation.

Specifying with Easy-Spek is literally "easy". When you arrive at our homepage, there is no need to read up about all the reflective aluminium bubble foil insulations you have to choose from. Instead choose the category you intend to use reflective foil insulation. E.G. "Easy-Spek Residential Specification" may be your first choice.

Next, choose where you intend to apply your reflective foil insulation. E.G. "Metal Roof.

Next, open in front of you are the choices of reflective foil insulation that apply under a metal residential roof, their comparitive performance and downloads all in one easy step. Whethe you need a thermal break, or custom length rolls, or even promotional stuff printed on your rolls, it is all there ready to apply to your foil requirements.

Also easily/readily available are all your BCA requirements ready to supply you with everything you need.

It is now that easy to specify reflective aluminium foil insulation products from Green Insulation. Please remember, if you are ever having trouble with anything to do with our reflective foil products, we are only a phone call or email away from total support including our Free engineer service. Ph. (07) 3200 6522 for the best advice in town! Or Fax (07) 320 6599. OR email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Or drop in 1/13 Meakin Rd. Meadowbrook Qld 4131 We are always happy to help you solve your insulation problems.

Fresh News! 29th February 2012.

Easy-Spek is taking of as the most user-friendly insulation speicification tool anywhere in Australia.

Making the change to premium quality Australian manufactured reflective bubble foil insulation as never ben so easy. Either go to the Home Page and click onto the "Easy-Spek" category relating to your need, or use the drop-down menu above. It's that easy to specify reflective aluminium bubble foil insulation from Green Insulation.


Green Insulation Alternatives

When considering "green" insulation alternatives, did you know:

  • Green Insulation manufacturing uses approximately 1/8th of the energy required to manufacture insulation batts for the same m2?
  • Green Insulation's transport alternatives use far less fuel than other forms of insulation due to the compact nature and lower weight per m2?
  • Green Insulation do not supply reps on the road and offer alternative electronic based representation only?
  • Green Insulation alternatives offer insulation performance that lasts for the entire life of the building?
  • Green Insulation's new Australian manufacturing reduces the amount of interational freight?

Green. Not just a name . . . it’s our passion!

Passion! We claim to be the "passionate" green insulation alternative! You decide . . .


The decision to invest in Australian reflective aluminium foil insulation manufacturing at a time of economic uncertainty and strong competition from imports might seem high risk to some. Not at all. When the competition gets tough, get smarter. Having close proximity to our manufacturing process is allowing us to research and develop like never before, putting long suspected theory into practice. Testing, refinement, lateral thinking, and a little bit of luck can land you with an absolute breakthrough alternative in value to your products. Breakthroughs that create tangible environmental benefits.

Green Insulation® has not only invested in new “environmental” bubble foil manufacturing, we have a record of achievement to be proud of, and we apply “environmental” principals to every facet of our company. Here are just some of our initiatives:

Our unique patented polymer coating on the outside aluminium foil guarantees to protect our insulation products against oxidisation and corrosion. Oxygen and moisture substantially erode the reflective performance of the aluminium foil outer layers. Our insulation alternatives don’t suffer diminishing performance from deterioration, and we carry a 100% guarantee for 15 years. How much energy does that save over generations?

Our Reflecta-Cell and Reflecta Guard reflective bubble foil insulation products come with a real tough double scrim (top and bottom) to ensure their integrity right through construction. Combine this with the longevity provided by our patented coating, and you have a product that is also compliant with being a fall arrest. (See tech). That’s a real saving in labour and resources;

Reflective bubble foil insulation uses less power to manufacture than most alternative forms of insulation. We’ve invested in the leanest energy use new manufacturing technology available. We’ll have some very interesting audited performance to show you in the near future;

Traditionally, 20% of our insulation product has been made from recycled materials. We’re currently trialling new recycling alternatives with the aim of substantially “greening” this figure;

Wider rolls and having the ability to custom manufacture roll lengths to the customers’ needs saves labour and waste. If you’re wasting resources by not doing this we ask you to please “think green insulation manufacturing alternatives”;

High acoustic insulation qualities, particularly within Reflecta-Guard, are built in at no additional cost. One insulation, 2 or more uses, that’s a “green” alternative;

No harmful, irritating fibres. Not just for the workers who have to install it, what about the generations who have to live with it?

We no longer print marketing materials of any type. Everything we have to offer is online on our website. We can alternatively send by email. It’s an absolutely huge saving on the environment.

Our representatives are off the road! That’s right, if you’ve been used to seeing us around, be assured, we’re still about giving great service. However, for the vast majority of needs, let’s take cars off the road and communicate using a “green” alternative. If we have something really important to say, we send it via our electronic newsletter, or by the phone. This small but worthwhile impact will succeed only with your help. Take the time to open your emails from us (not many, I promise you). If you’re not getting our electronic newsletters, please take the time to subscribe;

Training will now be conducted by interactive webinars timed to suit your needs. Before and after each training session, you will be sent support materials. A recording of the training will be sent the next day to refer to. Greater productivity? That’s a real “green” alternative. Please call us if you want to enrol.

Believe it or not, the best is still to come. We’re being very, very quiet about it right now. Read about it first in our Green Insulation® newsletter.

We’d like to invite "environmental" companies of all types that are passionate about the environment to link with our website and newsletters. If you’re within the construction industry, we’d be happy to put you in our customer gallery as well. If you’re proud of your environmental record, shout it out, and we’d be glad to help you.

Being GREEN really is our PASSION!

Green Insulation™ is proud to be Australian owned, Australian manufacturing for Australian conditions.


Insulation sales impacted by weather.

Insulation sales for Green Insulation have definitely been impacted by weather, but not in a bad way according to Green Insulation.

The horrendous wet season chaos across Australia has impacted building, and hence insulation sales. The patented protective coating on all Green Insulation means that builders or trade can expose to weather Green Insulation products without fear of causing degredation to the product. Sales have been strong because of this feature.

"We've had our fair share of insulation transport problems caused by the wet" says Sales Manager Green Insulation, Rod Stead. "Fortunately, the need for many projects to proceed despite the weather, especially in accommodation critical mining areas, has seen our reflective foil insulation products moving steadily out the door."

If you are using Green Insulation reflective foil insulation products in your construction, you need not worry about putting the products up in the wet. Green Insulation provide a 15 year guarantee against corrosion and oxidisation on all their reflective aluminium foil insulation products.

Without the patented protective coating provided by Green Insulation, the 99% pure reflective aluminium foil layers would be adversly affected by oxygen and moisture.

Little is understood about the complexity of the make-up of reflective aluminium foil insulation from Green Insulation. For example, it takes 12 layers to create the popular Reflecta-Cell reflective aluminium foil insulation:

  1. Patented protective coating guarantees the aluminium foil against oxidisation and corrosion;
  2. 99% pure aluminium foil reflects up to 95% of radiant heat;
  3. Clear PE binder coating for lasting product integrity. (binds the aluminium foil to the scrim);
  4. 8 x 8 scrim for strength with fire retardant;
  5. PE binder with fire retardant;
  6. PE laminating coat with fire retardant;
  7. PE air cell or air bubble centre because air is an excellent insulator/insulation;
  8. PE laminating coat with fire retardant;
  9. PE binder with fire retardant;
  10. 2nd scrim for double the strength with fire retardant;
  11. Clear PE binder coating for lasting insulation integrity. (binds the aluminium foil to the scrim);
  12. 99% pure reflective aluminium foil reflects up to 95% of radiant heat;

Insulation from Green Insulation acts as more than just a great radiant barrier to your new home or commercial/industrial construction. It is an investment in getting your building project up on time, and on budget.

Next time you consider which insulation to use in future construction, consider the advantages of the patened protective coating offered by the Green Insulation range of reflective aluminium foil insulation products.

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