More than Expected!

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Protection that will continue to


perform long after the others


give up!

All Green Insulation reflective aluminium foil bubble and foam core insulation products come with our unique Reflecta-Coat™. This protective coating is the only one of its kind and exclusive to Green Insulation. This outer layer is a patented polymer coating designed to:-
  • Prevent oxidisation and corrosion
  • Act as a moisture barrier
  • Maintain Reflectivity
  • Provide an anti-glare 


Our reflective aluminium foil insulation products offer a unique range of fibre free, air bubble or foam core insulation with this distinctive patented protective coating. The coating is the only one of its kind in Australia and provides excellent protection against corrosion and oxidisation, in turn, keeping the insulation reflective and therefore still efficient and outlasting the manufacturer’s 15 year guarantee. 

This unique coating is exclusive to Green Insulation products and all of our product range has this layer as a major part of the product’s design.
The products are manufactured using 99%+ pure aluminium foil. High grade aluminium foil, coupled with a unique coating, achieves low foil degradation and a higher reflectivity (97%), to ultimately provide long term high thermal performance.
Products manufactured with low cost foil and no protection against the elements such as humidity and condensation, salt fog or even metal cladding may deteriorate over time.
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 Why Reflecta-Coat™ ??
Uncoated or low grade refective aluminium foil insulation in contact with the elements (humidity, condensation, salt fog, etc) can lead to oxidisation and corrosion. Over time this reduces the reflectivity and overall thermal performance. 
Our patented solution
The unique polymer protective layer provides the Reflecta-Range of reflective insulation products with high resistance to moisture and water permanence, ensuring reflectivity remains stable. Customers have the confidence and advantage in knowing Green Insulation will continue to work effectively both now and well into the future.