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Drive Down Cost!

Win quotes, reduce costs, create awareness, it’s all here. This page is dedicated to giving you ideas to substantially improve the way you use our reflective Insulation.

Build for less! Or much less!!

  • Why not have your rolls of Australian made reflective insulation tailored to the exact length you require? We already offer a 1500mm wide roll that will reduce overlap waste. Take it a step further and really show off your design and product knowledge. Reduced waste, less labour, less to transport, and a real “green” advantage too. Talk to us to put this feature into place;
  • Need a fall-arrest? It’s a feature built in to our Reflecta Cell® and Reflecta-Guard™. Not only are we compliant to BCA requirements, but we’ll be launching a video very soon showing compliance also to the much tougher Workplace Health and Safety requirements for reflective insulation. Once again, we are saving materials, labour, transport and it’s a great “green” feature;
  • Bulk order and transport savings. There are real savings to be made here. Quite often, a little communication can go a long way to bringing down your costs. It helps us to achieve greater efficiency in transport, manufacturing and inventory. Real savings we can pass on. Talk to us about your needs.

Communication is the key. Drop us a line about your individual requirements or project, and see just how far we will go to give you that edge. Call our office, 07 3200 6522 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we’ll get the best person for the job to call you.


Promote Yourself!

  • You can now print on our Australian produced reflective bubble foil insulation. Print your brand/logo and/or the custom message of your choice. Black only (unless you really insist), and you will be limited to 160mm height, but imagine the possibilities! If you’ve got a message you want out on the worksite, right in their face, this has the potential to really drive your message home; and/or
  • Custom bags for our products with your logo proudly displayed are a great way to achieve customer loyalty, or even get the trade talking about where they got it. Our registered trademarks must stay (E.G. Reflecta –Cell®), and of course the compulsory information can’t change either, but you have plenty of room to produce your logo and a custom message too if you choose.

If you want to discuss these great promotional opportunities, talk to our team, on 07 3200 6522 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ". Opportunities are limited, but let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll jump through hoops to make it happen.


Add value and win more business!

  • Almost all insulation loses performance over time? The aluminium in reflective foil insulation readily deteriorates when exposed to moisture and/or oxygen. That’s not likely to happen is it? Our UNIQUE patented coating guarantees maintained performance over time, 15 years guaranteed. Do our reflective insulation competitors offer that guarantee? The savings in energy over the lifespan of a building are ENORMOUS! Make sure this is a highlight on your next quote, it could make the difference;
  • Ever shuddered at the thought of trying to put up reflective foil insulation in the wet season? Don’t! Green Insulation’s patented coating not only means it’s ok to put up in the wet, you can also keep working underneath for as long as you want without needing to hastily put up outside cladding. This point can be a deal maker. Try it;
  • Free Insulation? What would happen next time you submitted a quote if you could offer top end performance acoustic insulation for absolutely no extra charge. Would that win you business? Do the deal. Our products have been formulated with acoustic qualities in mind. We’ve had them tested and proven. In particular, take a look at Reflecta-Guard’s performance . . . it’s actually superior to most specialised acoustic insulation. Would that help you win business?
  • Reflective foil insulation is light and easy to use, and we have a non-slip safety surface. It has no harmful fibres. That’s real benefit to builders, to owners and tenants. This is a huge advantage with government in particular. They love us;
  • Show you care. Show your clients that you choose the reflective insulation that cares for the environment. These days, you can’t underestimate the power of “green”. Don’t. When you make a decision that has environmental impact . . . “Shout it out!!!” Talk to us about ways we can support your “green” credentials. It’s our passion!

Communication will be the key to success in the future. Some new breakthroughs we will be releasing over the balance of this year are going to substantially change the playing field. What changes? You’ll read about them first in our newsletter, and we’ll prompt you with your favourite social media.

A challenge!

Demonstrate the use of any of the above advantages, supply us with video and/or images, and a testimonial as well, and we will:

  1. Give you 3 free rolls of  reflective insulation of your choice;

  2. Shout about your success in our newsletter;

  3. Give you a shout through our social media, including Flickr and/or You Tube;

  4. Give you a high profile direct link (minimum 3 months) for our visitors to find you;

  5. Showcase your project on our new homepage “Customer Gallery”.

Now there is a real benefit!

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