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Shed insulation growth in sales and uses!

Manufacturing of shed insulation at our manufacturing plant is growing steadily for a number of reasons.

Analysis of where shed insulation demand is coming from is very revealing:

  • Shed builders are promoting the long term diversity of uses possible for your humble back yard shed. For a small additional investment, shed insulation can add enormous value and potential for very little extra. This results directly into strong sales;
  • Customers are demanding insulation within their sheds. Less and less sheds are being built simply to hide the family's mower. Today, sheds are used as hobby, play or work roooms, wine cellars or even a place to house an oversupply of guests. Insulation within your shed makes this possible;
  • Pricing of shed insulation is extremely competitive. The clean pure flow of plastic used to create the centre bubble within the Green Insulation Reflecta-Shed Insulation is the best we can make.

Because the manufacture of Reflecta-Shed insulation is an ideal compliment to the overall manufacturing process, Green Insulation are keen to promote use and take-up of the product. Price and cost of shed insulation to the end user is of utmost consideration. These are some of the initiatives with costs in mind:

  • 45m2 rolls. Reflecta-Shed insulation has been given the extra large size to allow economy in transport as well as reduce the need for joins;
  • 1500mm wide. This means that when you use your Reflecta-Shed insulation, less joins/overlaps are required;
  • Lower margins. As Reflecta-Shed insulation manufacturers, we can comfortably operate on lower margins.

Also available on Reflecta-Shed Insulation we offer printing of your logo and/or message onto our rolls for 200+ roll orders. You should take advantage of this service if you have a company that needs to make sales or promote itself. 

Reflecta-Shed insulation is a premium quality insulation product. It has a strong scrim, our unique patented protective coating against oxidisation and corrosion, a 15 year warranty, as well as using the same quality aluminium foil you are used to seeing in the Reflecta range of products. We have compromised on nothing to bring you the best shed insulation available anywhere.

To learn about our quality shed insulation product, Reflecta-Shed, please go to:

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