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Shed insulation competitive pricing is a result of very clever manufacturing efficiencies at Green Insulation.

Why is shed insulation so inexpensive?

Is shed insulation as good as building insulation?

Are all shed insulations the same?

We take a hard look at shed insulation, and how you can best use the changing dynamics of the shed insulation marketplace to profit$$$$$$.

Sales of shed insulation are booming, but not all shed insulations are created equal. At Green Insulation, we've created new manufacturing scenarios that have allowed us to produce premium quality reflective aluminium foil shed insulation at a fraction of the cost we ever thought possible. More than that, the manufacture of our Reflecta-Shed insulation also creates savings in our manufacturing costs of our other reflective aluminium foil insulation products.

In August, 2011, the new Reflecta-Shed insulation from Green Insulation was released onto the market. The pricing was well below existing pricing, and Reflecta-Shed insulation took off! But rather than be an example of unsustainable discounting into a depressed market, Reflecta-Shed insulation represented an investment into driving manufacturing efficiency, reducing waste, reducing transport costs, whilst at the same time increasing insulation performance.

How this is achieved is due to the centre core of air cells or bubbles within Reflecta-Shed insulation. In order for our reflective aluminium foil insulation to be compliant to BCA requirements, this centre core MUST be very heavily dosed with fire retardant. It is expensive, it clogs the machinery, and it creates enormous maintenance problems. Reflecta-Shed insulation eliminates much of the expense of using the fire retardant in our BCA compliant products. Reflecta-Shed insulation is for use in sheds that are not needing to be compliant to BCA requirements. Therefore:

  • Reflecta-Shed insulation does not require the huge cost impost of fire retardant. It still does contain fire retardant within the outside coating though;
  • Reflecta-Shed insulation forms a more defined bubble or air cell in a smaller (thinner) product, thus achieving high performance in reducing conductive heat. Performance that would normally be expected in much thicker products;
  • Manufacturing Reflecta-Shed insulation actually "purges" the machinery. This means substantially less time spent on maintenance, and also wasted polyethylene having to be run through to clean out the "works";
  • Because exceptional high performance can be achieved in a thinner product, Reflecta-Shed insulation roll size is much larger . . . 45m2 Vs. 30m2. This means huge transport savings! Basically, we can transport 45m2 of shed insulation for the same as it costs to transport 30m2 of BCA compliant insulation.

This is why the pricing of Reflecta-Shed insulation is well down on expectations for such a high quality insulation product. It still uses all the quality manufacturing and inputs of Green Insulation's BCA compliant insulation products, but actually boasts higher performance in a thinner product that is only possible though removal of the fire retardant in the core. So, with Reflecta-Shed insulation, you get quality and price!

So now let's take a look at the wider impact on the shed insulation marketplace. In order to compete, our competitors have had no other solution but to offer cheaper alternatives of their own. However, without the benefit of having huge efficiencies and reduced costs in manufacturing driving the reduction in price, their only solutions seem to revolve around offering crap! Ouch! "Crap" is a harsh word. "Crap" reflective shed insulation is saturating our marketplace, and you could even argue that "it is all Green Insulation's fault"!! Ha!

Seriously though, there is a lot of crap shed insulation out there, and it is to your advantage to know what the differences are. Here are just a few of the differences that we believe make compelling reasons to always specify Reflecta-Shed insulation for your shed project:

  • Insulation is visible inside the shed. It is very important that it keep it's shape, and always maintain excellent appearance. Reflecta-Shed insulation has the same excellent aluminium foil, protective coating, strong scrim and 15 year warranty of the much more expensive BCA compliant insulation products;
  • Never allow fibreglass insulation products to be exposed within your shed. They deteriorate, and also cause considerable health problems;
  • Reflecta-Shed insulation is Australian made, and you are supporting a great Australian owned and operated business;
  • By using Reflecta-Shed insulation, you are supporting a product that is not only "green", but helps our other foil insulation products to be "greener";
  • Reflecta-Shed insulation means less trucks on our roads;
  • Reflecta-Shed insulation will be working just as hard and just as reliably in 50 years time. No other company's insulation can claim that.

 A final note on shed insulation.

Before writing this article, I needed some inspiration. Believe it or not, maintaining passion about insulation, and specifically about shed insulation, every single working day is not easy. However, in this particular story, my passion came very quickly. It really was simple. All I did was I lined up samples of all the alternative shed insulation products that adorn the marketplace. Most were cheap imported rubbish not fit to cross our shores. Other shed insulation was just very cheaply manufactured to a point that I seriously doubt it has any hope of being there for the life of the shed. Your average bloke who bulds a new backyard shed is extremely proud of his new acquisition. Green Insulation's reflective aluminium foil shed insulation Reflecta-Shed is not only the best choice for this proud individual, it is the best choice for the environment and the best choice for Australia. NO BULL!

Don't compromise what should be important to you. Always, insist on Reflecta-Shed insulation, the insulation made in Australia, by Australians, and for Australians.

Please note! Reflecta-Shed insulation is NOT BCA compliant for use in residential or commercial construction. Also, some local councils in high risk fire areas also specify that your humble back yard shed must use shed insulation that contains the fire retardants within the inner core. You should always check with your local council to ensure you are choosing the right shed insulation. If in doubt, please contact Green Insulation for the very best shed insulaltion advice available.

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