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Roof insulation proves to be a great strength for Green Insulation

Builders profit from Green Insulation's roof insulation advantages.

"The sales of roof building insulation are growing very strongly despite the economic conditions" says Rod Stead, Sales Manager, Green Insulation. "The building industry is trimming costs wherever possible, and Green roof insulation offers enormous advantages and cost savings".

There is no mystery to the growth of sales for Green Insulation, it is our ability to listen to our clients/customers, and respond to their needs. Roof insulation is the perfect example of innovation that responds to the needs of the building industry. Here are just a few examples of how we've innovated roof insulation:

  • Putting up roof insulation without fear of the weather is proving to be a big PLUS for builders in the tropical north of Australia. The patented coating on all Green Insulation roof products guarantees against oxidisation and corrosion, so if it happens to rain and your insulation gets exposed - no problem - your warranty stands. This unique roof insulation characteristic belongs exclusively to Green Insulation;
  • The acoustic qualities of Reflecta-Guard roof insulation are proving to be a huge selling point in the north as well. Thumping rain on your roof is impossible to deal with in business or at home. Reflecta-Guard roof insulation has been designed with the purpose of reducing noise from rain, road and aircraft. Builders in the north know that home and business owners appreciate the acoustic benefits of our premium roof rain, and they have come to expect this quality in all construction now;
  • Still on the north of Australia, Reflecta-Guard achieves a 2.7 R Value in the roof ideally rated for the region, it is also rated as a thermal break roof insulation, and it comes with a double scrim for maximum strength and extra heavy duty strength;
  • Reflecta-Break roof insulation is not only a thermal break, it is also the roof insulation of choice to be freighted in bulk containers into remote regions across Australia;
  • Custom length rolls of roof insulation are proving to offer enormous savings to the minining industry. Cost of construction and transport can be enormous. The custom length rolls offered with Green roof insulation substantially reduce labour and waste.

Next time you consider insulation for your roof, why not consider the great roof insulation solutions available from Green Insulation.






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