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New test results are in. AS 1530.2-1993 Test for Flammability of Materials.

Press release: 22nd July, 2012.

Ray Stead, Managing Director. Green Insulation.

You may have heard disparaging remarks from a competitor of Green Insulation about "Foil insulation products with a centre of air cells not being compliant to the building code". Furthermore, It was suggested by some that Reflecta-Cell, (Green Insulation's most popular reflective aluinium foil insulation product with a core of air cells) would not pass AS 1530.2-1993      Test for Flammability of Materials. Well here are the latest results. It should be noted that an index of 5 or less is sufficient for a pass.

Reflecta-Guard Index:   3   Click here to view test certificate 

Reflect-Cell Index:   1    Click here to view test certificate

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our rapidly growing customer base for their continued support and good will. It has been fantastic. We have some really exciting news to announce real soon that will "shock" our competitors to their core! If you haven't already made the move, please consider the real benefits and savings offered by Australia's premium reflective foil inulation manufacturer . . . Green Insulation !

Australian reflective aluminium foil insulation manufacturing for Australians, by Australians. 

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