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New "Eco" Initiatives from Green Insulation®!

The manufacturing of Australian reflective foil insulation continues to lead the way in driving down our carbon footprint.

The great news from Green Insulation® is that it has sourced the latest recycling technology from China which will soon be installed at their Meadowbrook Logan manufacturing plant. Green Insulation® manufacture a range of reflective foil insulation with air bubbles or cells sandwiched between two layers of 99% pure aluminium foil. The aluminium foil reflects up to 95% of radiant heat.

During the manufacturing process, a small amount of waste is trimmed from the edges. In the past, this waste has been dumped. No longer! Despite the very small amount of waste producing reflective foil insulation, even that will be recycled soon. This bodes well for the upcoming "Green Tag" ratings due in December from Eco-Specifier. Look forward to some excellent results.

Ray Stead, Managing Director of Green Insulation®, personally drives eco thinking within the company. "With us, talk about saving the environment isn't just talk" says Ray, "We really believe that "green" initiatives actually make good business sense". You can see the influence of Ray's passion for the environment in every roll of reflective foil insulation manufactured at his plant.

Also on the environmental front, Green Insulation® will soon be auditing their use of energy. Theoretically, the Australian reflective insulation manufacturing plant at Meadowbrook, Logan, uses as little as one eighth of the energy to manufacture compared to more mainstream insulation types such as fibreglass batts and fibreglass blanket. Will the Meadowbrook plant live up to expectations? Subscribe to this feed to stay updated.

Green! More than our name . . . it's our passion!




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