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Manufacturing on the increase!

Australian manufacturing of Reflective Foil Insulation is increasing steadily.

Manufacturer of the Reflecta Range™ of reflective aluminium foil products, Green Insulation®, has announced a huge 20 % increase in production. "Demand is up, despite the government's best efforts to send us broke" says Managing Director, Ray Stead. "We're witnessing a real change in consumer sentiment brought about by people power".

It would be true to say that much of the success achieved by Green Insulation® can be directly attributed to the Julia Gillard/Labor Government insulation rebate scheme. "It sent so many quality Ausralian insulation businesses broke, there are few left to choose from. Well done Julia!" says Michael.

With solar panel companies now frequently in the news, one has to wonder if that industry will mirror the disasters experienced by the inept handling of the insulation rebate debacle. Government interference has never been a very good strategy for a productive outcome. Will we ever learn?

It seems not!

The carbon tax is yet another act of complete government stupidity ready to be unleashed. Even if it is 100% successful, it will probably take a hundred years to compensate for the environmental disaster caused by the insulation rebate scheme. However, this legislation does hold promise for giving advantage to a green and efficient insulation manufacturer such as Green Insulation. Any benefit attained by Green will probably not be enough to weigh against the drain it will place on the economy.

Green Insulation® are the proud manufacturers of Reflecta-Guard™ reflective aluminium foil insulation. Reflecta-Guard™ is recognised as a leader in reflective insulation, being a high quality thermal insulation, an excellent acoustic insulation, and is also rated as a fall arrest as well. Don't forget, these reflective insulation products also replace the need for sarking as well. With such diverse use and benefit, Reflecta-Guard™ reflective aluminium foil insulation is a great example of the ingenuity and quality delivered by Australian manufacturing. We ask that you too support Australian manufacturing and keep jobs and money in Australia.

This RSS broadcast comes from Michael Muxworthy, Green Insulation® at Meadowbrook, Logan, Queensland. Please contact me on 0447 009 070 if you would like to contribute to our feeds.

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