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Building Slump? What Building Slump?

Recent reports in the media of a slump in building approvals don't seem to be matched by the recent huge increase in demand for Green Insulation® Australian manufactured reflective aluminium foil insulation.

Green Insulation® have announced "record breaking sales and manufacturing of their Australian made reflective bubble foil insulation" for the month of November. Green Insulation® commenced manufacturing in Australia in January of 2011. Setting up the new manufacturing at a time of economic uncertainty and a high Australian dollar was a gamble. "It's a gamble that has paid off very handsomely" says Marketing Manager, Michael Muxworthy of Green Insulation®. "We're facing record demand well above forecast". December, a month that typically sees a turn-down in demand for the insulation industry, is proving to be surprisingly bouyant. Demand for the new product, Reflecta-Shed™ insulation is huge, mostly from the DIY market.

North Queensland demand for insulation materials is steady. Fantatic new growth in demand for all types of reflective insulation is coming out of the N.T. and W.A. Reflective foil insulation has a huge transport advantage over other insulation types. Getting cost-effective solutions to the more remote locations across Australia is possibly the greatest strength of the Green Insulation® Range. Green Insulation® also import the Reflecta-Break reflective foam insulation from China. Our strategy has been to sell full containers at low prices which are popular with customers in Perth, North Western Australia, Northern Territory and North Queensland. The reflective foam core insulation Reflecta-Break™ is a perfect compliment to the reflective foil products made in Australia by Green Insulation®.

Between them, they seem to have every base covered. Watch for news on our "Green Tag Accreditation" coming soon from Ecospecifier. Results will definitely set the benchmark for other inulation companies to shoot for. Green Insulation® also report that new player, "Insulation For Sale", are selling record quantities of Reflecta-GDI™ panel lift garage door insulation. According to Insulation For Sale, the uptake of this product is as much for the excellent acoustic qualities as it is for the thermal insulation qualities. If you live on a busy or noisy road, consider the acoustic benefits of Reflecta-GDI™. It is the one of the best insulation improvements you can make for your home.

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