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15 Year Guaranteed Protection

Reflective Foil Insulation of the Highest Quality and Performance, Manufactured in Australia, for Australia, by Australians.  Please call (07) 3200 6522


Green Insulation®

Call Green Insulation Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm! - (07) 3200 6522

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7 very distinct insulation products to choose from:

Reflecta-CellReflecta-Cell® Reflective Bubble Foil Insulation (30m2 roll)

The builders favourite choice, a true All-Rounder that offers performance combined with being light and easy to use. Only 5.7mm thick, Reflecta-Cell is popular with all types of Commercial, Industrial and Residential construction for use in roofs, floors and walls.

Reflecta-GuardReflecta-Guard™ Reflective Bubble Foil Insulation (30m2 roll)

Three great products in ONE. Our Premium Product, offers . . . 1. Our highest “R” values, 2. a thermal break and 3.acoustic performance beyond many specialised acoustic insulations. 12.0mm thick, Reflecta-Guard is a favourite for luxury homes, and workplaces needing superior comfort and protection from noise (E.G. Rain, road or aircraft).

Reflecta-BreakReflecta-Break™ Reflective Foam Core Insulation (30m2 roll)

A very popular Thermal Break for steel frame and metal on metal construction. Very economical, and Only 6.5mm thick, Reflecta-Break is light and easy to handle, as well as being highly effective in stopping heat transfer.

Reflecta-ShedNew Reflecta-Shed™ Reflective Bubble Foil Insulation (45m2 roll)

This brand new, high performance and very economical product is Ideally Suited for Sheds and other applications that do not require compliance to the Building Code of Australia specifications. Only 4.0mm thick Reflecta-Shed features a patented protective coating, scrim for strength, and promises 15 years GUARANTEED protection.

Square GDI Image 129pxlReflecta-GDI™ – Sectional Panel Lift Garage Door Insulation

A real breakthrough in reducing heat and noise coming in through your garage. Reflecta-GDI™ uses insulation made from our premium Reflecta-Guard. In single or double door size, this product will make a huge difference to your entire home, for both heat and noise.

Square Handy 150Reflecta-Handy Pack™ Reflective Bubble Foil Insulation (12m2 roll)

The Preferred DIY Pack!  Reflecta-Handy Pack™ utilises Reflecta-Cell® compliant to use in general building construction and is perfect for those small jobs. Great also to take camping and travelling!

Cavity Wall InsulationBrand new alternative for Cavity Wall Insulation in Western Australia.

Reflecta-Break™ Cavity Wall Insulation

Ideally suited for CAVITY WALLS. Reflecta-Break™ foam core insulation is also a very popular Thermal Break for steel frame and metal on metal construction and can be used in walls, floors and roofs

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GreenTag Under Certification

Green Insulation® is currently being Assessed for their GreenTags. If you would like to follow progress of our reflective insulation please go to

Ecospecifier Australasia, a knowledge base of over 6000 eco-products, eco-materials, technologies and resources, the leading global source of sustainable development & life-cycle assessed green product information. Linking independent information with a powerful search interface, ecospecifier does your materials research for you, delivering innovative sustainable product solutions with unique difference. Categorising products according to rating scheme compliance such as Green Star,ecospecifier helps you reduce the time and costs of implementing Best Practice Green Buildings & Developments.

We truely are committed to our GREEN way of business...

Green Insulation, Australian manfacturers of superior reflective aluminium bubble foil insulation, invite comment and contact at every opportunity. We appreciate your input, want to understand your perspective, address your concerns, and take on your ideas and thoughts. Phone us (07) 3200 6522. Email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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